Welcome to Mediocre Mountaineering

These are my Mountaineering, Climbing, Skiing, and Outdoor Pages (with some camera and gadget stuff thrown in for good measure.)

Why the title, “Mediocre Mountaineering?” Because these pages aren’t about the extreme, hardcore, or difficult. The focus of these pages is on moderate climbs by a mediocre climber, backpacker and outdoor person.

Although I really love climbing, I am a mediocre mountaineer at best. The best evidence of this is that I’ve climbed for 30+ years, and I’m still not climbing anything truly difficult. I have a desk job, where I mostly sit all day long. If I’m lucky, I can get out and climb on the week-ends, and maybe take a multi-day trip every so often. I’m not a guide, not an expert, and not a very good climber. I’m just a guy who’s been climbing for a while, who has figured out a few things that work, (and some that don’t work) for the mediocre stuff that I do.

This web site is for mediocre folks like me; people who just like to get out and climb in the mountains every so often, and are looking for a few tips and (possibly) useful advice.

Posts are listed below in chronological order. You can use the Search function or the category listing above or at the bottom of the page to find specific posts.