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    This blog entry focuses on various sleeping pads I’ve used over the years.   Left hand column, top to bottom: Prolite Plus; Prolite3; Ortik; Karrimat Evazote; MEC Winter Evazote;  MEC bivi thin evazote;  Ridgerest Right hand column, top to bottom: NeoAir; Exped Synmat; NeoAir AllSeason; NeoAir XTherm; Klymit X-Frame; Klymit X-Lite Closed Cell Foam Sleeping Pads […]

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    Sleeping Bags   Down or synthetic fill?  This question has probably occupied the minds of climbers at least as much as any other gear question.  Like the debate regarding Ginger and Maryanne, there is no definitive answer.  I have both synthetic and down filled sleeping bags.  Here’s how I choose:  If I’m only out for […]