Desert Trout

Doesn't look very much like trout country

Fly fishing in Utah can be a unique experience.  Much of the state is arid desert, with lots of sand, sandstone, and sagebrush.  With extremely hot summer temperatures, and barren surroundings, these desert regions wouldn’t seem like a good place to go fishing.  However, a combination of cold mountain snow-melt and cold water springs can… Continue reading Desert Trout

Michael D. Clark (South Creek) Bamboo Fly Rod

 Michael D. Clark (South Creek Ltd.)  8 foot, 5 weight, 3 piece, 2 tip, Ruby taper  “Uinta” South Creek web site. I love bamboo fly rods.  I have a web page devoted to that infatuation HERE. Over the last decade, I’ve collected and fished a number of bamboo fly rods.  This rod represents the culmination… Continue reading Michael D. Clark (South Creek) Bamboo Fly Rod

Backcountry Fishing Kit

I love backcountry fly fishing.  When I’m fishing the backcountry, I typically have to do a fair amount of hiking to get to the waters I’m going to fish.  Weight and space are at a premium.  Many roadside fishermen carry a lot of fishing paraphernalia; enough to fill a fishing vest.  If you’re fishing close to… Continue reading Backcountry Fishing Kit

Patagonia River Crampons

It’s been a while since I have reviewed any fly fishing gear.   This isn’t because I haven’t been fishing (I fish a couple times a week when conditions are good,) but rather because I haven’t bought any fishing gear in a long time.  I’ve been pretty happy with the gear I’ve been using. However,… Continue reading Patagonia River Crampons