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  • Puffy Jackets

    One of the things I’ve learned over the years is to never go into the wilderness without a puffy jacket. Puffy jackets keep you warm when you’re at a cold belay, they help you survive an unplanned night out, they stave off cold when you’re at the end of a long hard mountain day. Putting […]

  • Long Term Update: Salewa Quick Screw ice screws and Climbing Technology Alpine Up belay device

    Several years back, I did an initial review of the Salewa Quick Screw ice screw and the Climbing Technology Alpine Up belay device. The initial review for the Alpine Up can be found HERE The initial review for the Salewa Quick Screw can be found HERE This is a long term review update, detailing my […]

  • Leki Trekking Poles: Leki Micro Vario Carbon Pole – Black Series; and Leki Carbon Titanium

    For several years now, my go-to trekking poles have been the Leki Carbon Titanium poles. They’ve been with me on hundreds of miles of hiking trails, and I’ve put ski baskets on them and used them as my for winter backcountry skiing too. (Leki’s Big Mountain Binding Basket is a great basket for both skiing […]

  • Compact Cameras for the Backcountry: Panasonic LX100, Ricoh GR 3, Sigma DP1 Merrill and DP2 Merrill

    I own a pretty extensive array of Micro 4/3 lenses and an Olympus OMD E-M1 Micro 4/3 camera body. This interchangeable lens system provides a lot of flexibility in my photography. However, even though the Micro 4/3 format allows for much smaller cameras and lenses than other interchangeable lens systems, I find that I seldom […]

  • SCOTT PATROL E1 40 BACKPACK (Avalanche Airbag Pack)

    I was an early adopter of avalanche airbag packs. I’ve been using them for over a decade, and have owned and used models by Snowpulse/Mammut ABS, and Dakine. My packs have all used compressed gas (either oxygen or nitrogen) to inflate the airbags. My first airbag pack was an ABS model, which uses nitrogen charged […]

  • Hydration Part 1: Insulated Water Bottles

    An insulated water bottle can be a great piece of equipment for winter outdoor activities. Depending on temperatures and what sort of bottle you’ve got, you can keep your water from freezing or enjoy a hot drink. I will usually take an insulated bottle with me when I’m backcountry skiing or ice climbing. Sipping hot […]

  • Hunt Gear Checklist: Full list for October Solo Deer Hunt

    This is the full list for a solo deer hunt in the La Sal Mountains of Utah.  Late October.  Temperatures ranged from 20 degree overnight lows to mid 50s during the day.   Weight in Ounces Clothing: Julbo Venturi sunglasses with Zebra light lenses and cloth bag 1.4 Smartwool Merino boxer briefs (2 pair) 2.6 […]

  • Hunting Gear Checklist Part 4: Cooking Gear and Water

    Cooking Gear and Water     Total weight in ounces:  42.1   Total weight in pounds:  2.6 pounds MSR Reactor stove 1 liter pot, gas canister, fire steel and small pack cloth.  22.5 ounces The MSR Reactor is the most powerful stove I know of.  It easily outperforms the popular Jetboil stoves, particularly in colder conditions or wind.  […]

  • Hunt Gear Checklist Part 3: Rifle and Shooting Gear

    Rifle and accessories Christensen Arms Summit Ti/Th  6.5 Creedmoor rifle with thumbhole stock for deer For elk, I use a slightly heavier, RBros Rifles LW Hunter  300 Win Mag rifle Both of these rifles are top quality.  At 100 yards, they will consistently shoot groups of 1/2 inch or less. Christensen Arms Rifle is 99.4 ounces; Scope […]

  • Hunt Gear Checklist Part 2: Shelter and Sleeping System

    Part 2.  Shelter and Sleeping With my shelter and sleeping gear, I try to walk the line between light weight and function.  It’s really important to get a good night’s sleep, and your shelter needs to be able to protect you from nasty mountain weather. Shelter I use a floorless shelter that utilizes a trekking […]

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