Hunt Gear Checklist: Full list for October Solo Deer Hunt

This is the full list for a solo deer hunt in the La Sal Mountains of Utah.  Late October.  Temperatures ranged from 20 degree overnight lows to mid 50s during the day.


Weight in Ounces
Julbo Venturi sunglasses with Zebra light lenses and cloth bag 1.4
Smartwool Merino boxer briefs (2 pair) 2.6 ounces each 5.6
First Lite Obsidian Pants 22.6
Kuiu Peloton 200 zip-off bottoms 8.5
Orange Icebreaker merino t-shirt 5.5
Orange Patagonia Nano Air light hoodie 11.8
Orange Cashmere Watch Hat (Golightly Cashmere) 3.1
Orange Buff 1.3
Orange Cap (LL Bean Technical Upland Cap) 2.2
Zamberlan Lynx Gtx Mid height Hunting Boots 64.4
Patagonia Expedition wool socks x2 (7 ounces per pair) 14
DeFeet ET Dura glove 2.2
Dachstein fingerless mittens with fold over cap 5.3
Mountain Laurel Designs rain mitts 1.6
First Lite Brambler gaiters 11
Patagonia Fitzroy Down Parka (Orange) 21.1
Orange Patagonia M10 Anorak 8
Kuiu Teton Rain Pants 6.9
 All Clothing and Footwear Subtotal 181.6  (11.35 pounds)
Shelter and Sleeping Gear
Locus Gear HAPI Pyramid tent 16
Mountain Laurel Designs Duo cuben fiber groundsheet (also can be used for meat processing or as a pack rain cover) 3.5
X-Therm inflatable pad with bungie cord 15.6
Klymit Cush inflatable pillow with fastex buckle strap (also used as rear bag for shooting) 3.9
Marmot Helium 15 degree down bag 32.5
 Shelter and Sleeping Subtotal 71.5  (4.47 pounds)
Cooking and Water
MSR Reactor stove with 1 liter pot and small gas canister, fire steel and small pack towl 22.5
MSR Dromlight 3 liter water bladder and tube 6.1
Chlorine Dioxide Water purification tablets 1
MSR Trailshot water filter 5
Titanium spoon with long handle 0.4
Titanium cup with lid 2.5
Gallon ziplock freezer bag for trash. 0.4
Insulated meal pouch cozy (Wilderness Dining brand) 1.8
Critter proof food bag (Ursack Minor) 2.7
 Cooking and Water Subtotal 42.4 (2.65 pounds)
Backpack and Trekking Poles
Leki Speedlock Carbon Ti trekking poles with photo adapter 15
McHale Super INEX Pack modified for hunting 114
Peregrine Ultralight daypack 3.3
 Backpack and Trekking Pole Subtotal 132.3 (8.27 pounds)
Personal Gear
Paracord survival bracelet 1.9
Lighter 0.7
Hinderer XM-24 folding Knife 7.7
Smith’s Knife Sharpener 0.8
Petzl Zipka Plus 2 headlamp with red L.E.D. 2.5
Diaper wipes (or toilet paper for cold weather) 4
Toob toothbrush and Toms toothpaste 1.6
Hand sanitizer 0.8
Map 3.8
Compass (K&R Alpin) 2.3
First Aid Kit 13.1
Sun screen 1.4
10 meters of 1.3 mil cord 0.9
 Personal Gear Subtotal 41.5 (2.59 pounds)
Camera and Electronics
Ricoh GR Camera 8.7
Suunto Ambit 2 Watch 3.1
Delorme InReach 6.7
Android phone (Galaxy S8+) with Backcountry Navigator GPS app, and Strelok Pro app 7.8
Spare battery for phone with integral USB plug (Jackery Bolt 6,000 mAh) 6
Earphones in cuben fiber bag 1.4
 Camera and Electronics Subtotal 33.7  (2.11 pounds)
Shooting Gear, Optics, and Kill Kit
Christensen TI/TH Rifle (6.5 Creedmoor); Kahles 624i scope; Neopod bipod; and Slogan rubber sling with Maxpedtion pouch. 146.4
Soundgear earplugs 1.7
Traditions muzzle protector gun condom 0.2
Ammunition carrier and 6 rounds of ammunition 7.4
Zeiss 8×32 Binoculars in Outdoor Vision Bino Harness 34.7
Kowa TSN 554 Spotting Scope in neoprene case 32.7
Windicator 1.4
TAG Game bags with latex gloves 9.3
Granite Peak Tripod  9.7
 Shooting and Kill Kit Subtotal   243.5 (15.2 pounds)

Total Weight, From Skin Out (no food or water)  

746.5  (46.5 pounds)

 Water is 2.2 pounds/liter    (Generally have no more than 2 liters)
Food 1.5 pounds/day
Dutch waffles
Granola and powdered milk
Hot cider mixes (0.8 ounces each) and hot chocolate
Maple Almond Butter (1.2 ounces each)
Bridgeford French Toast sandwiches (4.2 ounces each)
Trader Joe’s dried apricots
Mountain House Freeze Dried dinners (5 ounces each)
Trader Joe’s chili mangoes
Heather’s choice packeroons (2.6 each)
Costco chocolate coconut almonds
Cashews and/or almonds
Greenbelly meal replacement bars
Pesto Sauce packs
 Instant Oatmeal
In the Truck
Cooler and ice
5 gallon water jug
Extra socks
Crocs shoes
Extra gloves
Phone charger
Extra battery for phone
Truck Tools and Recovery
Bushranger air jack
Recovery bag with winch, straps, and hardware
Tool bag with tools
ARB Air compressor
Axe and saw
Tire chains
Black Diamond backcountry snow shovel

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