Hunting Gear Checklist Part 4: Cooking Gear and Water

Cooking Gear and Water    

Total weight in ounces:  42.1   Total weight in pounds:  2.6 pounds

MSR Reactor stove 1 liter pot, gas canister, fire steel and small pack cloth.  22.5 ounces
The MSR Reactor is the most powerful stove I know of.  It easily outperforms the popular Jetboil stoves, particularly in colder conditions or wind.  It doesn’t simmer, it’s really only good for boiling water or melting snow at full blast.  Since that’s pretty much all I’m doing when I hunt, it’s my stove of choice.

MSR Dromlite 3 liter water bag with hydration tube   6.1 ounces  This is a decent, lightweight water bag.  I prefer water bags to bottles, because a water bag doesn’t make much noise.  Half empty water bottles tend to slosh and make noise when you’re walking around.

MSR Trailshot water filter.    5 ounces  This is my back-up option if I can’t find water that is clean enough to just use my chlorine dioxide tablets with and need to filter water with lots of sediment or other dirty stuff in it.  It’s small and compact, and doesn’t weigh much.   Performance so far has been fine.

Titanium spoon in bag.   0.5 ounces

Wilderness Dining pouch cozy   1.8 ounces   This is used to put your freeze dried meals in, after you’ve added the hot water.  It keeps them hot while the meal is re-hydrating.  Especially useful at higher altitudes and colder temperatures, it ensures that your meal re-hydrates before your water cools down.

Ursack Minor critter proof food bag     2.7 ounces  Better known for their bear proof food sacks, this company makes this lighter weight bag that keeps out small critters.  Useful for storing food in while you are away from your camp.  It is insurance against coming back to camp and finding that squirrels or marmots have eaten all your food.

Chlorine Dioxide water purification tablets.  1 ounce  Very lightweight water purification option.  Minimal chemical taste to the water, provided you let it sit for about an hour.  I hate pumping filters, so this is my go-to method of purifying my drinking water.

Titanium cup with lid.  (Evernew 500ml Mug/pot)   2.5 ounces.

Cooking and Water
Cooking and Water supplies.










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