The North Face Ice Project Pack

Some folk built like this, some folk built like that But the way I’m built, Don’t you call me fat Because I’m built for comfort, I ain’t built for speed But I got everything, oh, that a good girl need Howlin Wolf:  Built for Comfort The North Ice Project is definitely a pack that is… Continue reading The North Face Ice Project Pack

Patagonia Ascensionist 25L Pack

  15.8 ounces (with add-on shock cord compression straps.) The Patagonia Ascensionist pack line is Patagonia’s new foray into making backpacks.  The 25 liter pack is the smallest of the line-up, suited for day trips and traditional alpine climbs from huts. The Ascensionist 25L pack is stripped down to the bare essentials.  The suspension is… Continue reading Patagonia Ascensionist 25L Pack