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  • Hunt Gear Checklist: Full list for October Solo Deer Hunt

    This is the full list for a solo deer hunt in the La Sal Mountains of Utah.  Late October.  Temperatures ranged from 20 degree overnight lows to mid 50s during the day.   Weight in Ounces Clothing: Julbo Venturi sunglasses with Zebra light lenses and cloth bag 1.4 Smartwool Merino boxer briefs (2 pair) 2.6 […]

  • Hunting Gear Checklist Part 4: Cooking Gear and Water

    Cooking Gear and Water     Total weight in ounces:  42.1   Total weight in pounds:  2.6 pounds MSR Reactor stove 1 liter pot, gas canister, fire steel and small pack cloth.  22.5 ounces The MSR Reactor is the most powerful stove I know of.  It easily outperforms the popular Jetboil stoves, particularly in colder conditions or wind.  […]

  • Hunt Gear Checklist Part 3: Rifle and Shooting Gear

    Rifle and accessories Christensen Arms Summit Ti/Th  6.5 Creedmoor rifle with thumbhole stock for deer For elk, I use a slightly heavier, RBros Rifles LW Hunter  300 Win Mag rifle Both of these rifles are top quality.  At 100 yards, they will consistently shoot groups of 1/2 inch or less. Christensen Arms Rifle is 99.4 ounces; Scope […]

  • Hunt Gear Checklist Part 2: Shelter and Sleeping System

    Part 2.  Shelter and Sleeping With my shelter and sleeping gear, I try to walk the line between light weight and function.  It’s really important to get a good night’s sleep, and your shelter needs to be able to protect you from nasty mountain weather. Shelter I use a floorless shelter that utilizes a trekking […]

  • Hunt Gear Checklist Part 1: Introduction and Clothing

    Hunting Gear and Clothing:  Intro and Context This is part 1 of my post on hunting gear and clothing.  A few notes about this list to provide some context: I hunt deer and elk.  My hunts are all self guided.  I tend to backpack hunt, generally 3-8 miles from my vehicle.  I don’t have pack animals.  […]

  • Optics for Backpack Hunting in the Western Mountains

    I hunt public lands in the Western states.  I’m not a particularly skilled hunter, so I look for an edge by using my legs to travel far enough from roads and access points that I can minimize competition from other, more experienced hunters.  Because I’m usually backpacking, carrying all of my gear for multiple nights […]

  • Lightweight Tripods for Backpack Hunting

    Choosing equipment for backpack hunting is difficult.  Hunting is a gear-intensive activity, but carrying all of that gear into the mountains can be way too strenuous, so it is important to assess the weight of every piece of gear you carry. Hunting optics are one of the heavier categories of hunting equipment.  I have tried to […]

  • My Quest for the Perfect Elk Hunting Pack. The McHale Critical Mass INEX

    Review of the McHale Critical Mass Backpack McHale Website I’ve pretty much abandoned large backpacks for backpacking and climbing.  With modern, ultralight gear, I very seldom carry more than 30 pounds, and usually my pack weight is much less, generally less than 20 pounds fully loaded. However, backpack hunting is one endeavor when I still […]

  • Review of the Leica Geovid 10 x 42 HD-B EDITION 2200 Binoculars

    These binoculars are marketed as the Leica Geovid 10 x 42 HD-B EDITION 2200 model.   Leica’s “Geovid” range of binoculars all feature integrated laser rangefinding.  The “10×42” indicates that they are 10 power magnification, with a 42mm objective lens.  The “B” in “HD-B” means that they have on board ballistics software.  (I assume that the HD […]

  • Utah General Season Elk Hunt

    This is the tale of my recent elk hunting trip to the Uintas. Spoiler alert! I did not get an elk. This story does not have a happy ending. There will be no delicious elk bourguignon; no bacon wrapped elk tenderloin; no elk burgers; no elk stew. I am a bad hunter. If I were […]