Lightweight Backpacking with Boy Scouts

Backpacking in Colorado's High Country

I have been a scoutmaster or assistant scoutmaster for 23 of the last 25 years.  I have been involved with boy scout troops in New York, Colorado, and Utah.  I’ve had inner-city scouts, suburban scouts, scouts from poor families, and scouts from wealthy families. Throughout all of my scouting experiences, I have learned that a… Continue reading Lightweight Backpacking with Boy Scouts

Teton Crest Ski Tour

April 9-12 I just returned from a four day trip skiing along the Teton Crest trail.  We started the trip at Teton Pass at the base of Mount Glory, and 4 days later, came out Cascade Canyon.  It was one of the best ski trips I’ve ever been on.  Scenery was fantastic and we had… Continue reading Teton Crest Ski Tour